About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural resource state of an enhanced suggestibility and receptive learning that is directly related to theta brainwaves. Every single person is able to be hypnotized, though some people are more conditioned to entering into the hypnotic state than others inherently are. Hypnotherapy is based in Transpersonal Psychology as a Mind-Body Psychology. Despite many misconceptions, hypnotherapy is not brainwashing or mind control, and no one can make you do, say, think, or experience anything that you do not personally desire or want through the application of hypnotic suggestion. You would simply vent out and reject any suggestion that is foreign to your own thoughts or desires, because contrary to popular myths…hypnosis is about gaining more control as opposed to relinquishing control.

We are first and foremost emotional beings, that happen to also capable of thinking. And as such, all human behavior is motivated by our emotions that originate from our subconscious mind. Our subconscious accounts for roughly 88% of our brain’s function, where our conscious is the remaining 12%. This is why so often people experience great difficulties in their attempts to carry out their conscious desires through willpower, logic, reason, decision making, and analysis alone. Because until you can get the subconscious emotions and known associations in alignment with your desires, the subconscious will continue to motivate your actions based on it’s existing programing and conditioning.

It is a simple matter of the “Pain Pleasure Principle”. As human’s, we naturally are driven to move towards things that we know and/or find pleasurable…and away from the things that are unknown and/or painful. And we are also habitual beings that seek out the familiar since the unfamiliar is generally seen as scary and painful to us. This is where homeostasis comes into play. As anytime change is present their is a tendency towards resistance, which is a precursor and sign that in fact change is taking place. And as habitual beings, it is always a top priority to always replace old habits and tendencies with new desirable healthier habits and coping strategies for success and wellbeing.

Typically, there are four reasons that most people seek out hypnotherapy;

1. They are feeling something that they do not want to feel.

2. They are not feeling something that they do want to feel.

3. They are doing something that they do not want to do.

4. They are not doing something that they want to be doing.

The Kappasinian Theory of Mind Model

Established by the late-and-great, Dr. John Kappas.