Contact Information

Jacalyn Duncan, CCHt
Work Phone: (307) 201-6823
Work Fax: ‭(307) 448-4665‬
Location: Idaho Falls, ID (Remote sessions over Zoom)

In situations of crisis or emergency please contact the proper and/or appropriate local emergency service provider. Or your primary medical or mental health care professional.

June 2024

Hypno Practique Availability

Our hours of availability are Monday-Friday from 10am – 7pm MST. Select holidays are also excluded from our availability. During these hours our clinical practice is in operation, and we may not be able to answer a phone call if we are in session. If you leave a voice message or send an email to, we will respond to you at our earliest convenience. Please note, that Hypno Practique operates under scheduled appointment only; in order to ensure a time for an initial consultation, first session, or subsequent sessions it must be scheduled and confirmed by us first. We have a firm cancelation policy that requires a minimum of 24-hour notice to reschedule or cancel (for a full reimbursement). Failure to notify will result in potentially being dropped as a client or forfeiture of the fee of the session, unless authorized by the billing hypnotherapist’s discretion. Please understand that premature notice of cancelation or scheduling conflicts of the client’s may result in an inability for the hypnotherapist to fill their scheduled time slot, or lost time in the day of the practitioner. But that it is also important that our client’s prioritize their continued work of self-improvement and self-care through the consistent reinforcement of hypnotherapy. Without the willing and conscious desire to change, hypnotherapy becomes an ineffective treatment and modality. Since we cannot plant the seeds of suggestion to which a client is opposed to receiving. And hypnotherapy is not a “magical wand” nor does it brainwash a person.